I made up a Halloween short film in my head and created a playlist to accompany this nonexistent story. It's about this super handsome dude that is a serial killer and preys on young women. He's super cool and wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle - think Johnny Depp in Cry Baby. He decides to go to a costumer party across town to find a victim. He finds a girl that's alone and seemingly defenseless- they drink, they dance, there's a disco ball and she's totally falling for him. He convinces her to take a ride on his motorcycle and they drive through swampland (Louisiana, duh) until he gets to an abandoned house- where he does all his murderin'. She's a little nervous, but trusts him and just as they're getting hot and heavy and just as he's about to MURDER her... he's paralyzed! She starts laughing uncontrollably and then her coven comes out of the shadows. SAY WHAAAT!? Yeah, she's a witch! The witches have some back and forth comic-relief banter like "ugh, hurry UP you're wasting our time by playing with him" and the little witch is all "awww you're no fun!" and murder dude is all WTF?! They consume his soul and cackle at the moon.

Think American Psycho meets the Sanderson Sisters meets Quentin Tarantino 


For gettin' cozy.


For that final stretch of sun. For taking up space before buttoning back up.


Inspired by the feeling of skin sticking to a leather couch,  how all the fans in the world will never compare to an AC unit, filling your home with plants, minty citrus cocktails, gauzy linen dresses, naps and not having any patience for anything before the sun goes down. 



New Moon / Super Moon

Get Shit Done.

Slow Down.

Women's March.

Full Moon.

January 2017.

October 2016.

September 2016.

Augusts 2016.