It's been a LONG time since I made the push to start a blog and I'm finally feeling the urge to rev this thing up. I don't think my posts will continue to be this long or introspective, but right now I've got a lot pent up, so here ya go!

Last night I came across a post about the Myers-Briggs personality test so I decided to take it for the first time... and WHOA it hit the nail on the head. It completely refocused me and made take a real look at the way I approach life. Why fight who I am? I just gotta keep playing to my strengths. In case you were curious, I am ENFP, which is: Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception.

Anyway, If you live under a rock like me and have never taken the test- I highly encourage you to. Read about your personality type and see if it sparks something for you!

I've been craving direction and, as silly as it sounds, taking that test was like being able to clear up the fog in my life. Cause y'all... my Saturn's return is in full effect and things are shakin' UP. Next week I'll be leaving my stable, familiar job and taking a jump into the (somewhat) unknown with higher stakes... all for the purpose of growth and development. I'm moving to a company that serves a demographic that I understand and hoping I'm able to help make a difference. I want to do my part in shaping a community for people to share what makes them feel beautiful (inside and out). 

This past week, I've had to really hunker down to work and search for inspiration.  I wanted to share a few bits of design, fashion, art and music that helped get my creative juices flowing recently. Maybe they'll do the same for you!