More moods. The weekend before last, I was in NYC capturing content for Beautycon Festival NYC and then I jumped straight back into rehearsals for Metalhead the Musical (a new musical about robots in the Hollywood Fringe Festival). If you're in LA, come check it out! Tickets can be reserved here. 

Now that life is slowing down a bit, I'm able to get back into my self care routine. I actually find it soothing to curate images and styles that reflect my mood, hence this post. I still haven't done my laundry, but I did put together some inspiration that I've been feeling lately.

A bit of glitter and a bit of grunge.

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There's been a lot of talk about a recent Quartz article about the entrance of the Silver Lake Shaman, check it out here if you're interested. Essentially, Brooklyn's lumbersexualized hipster has finally left the main stage and is being replaced with a much softer and feminine energy. If this were a George RR Martin world, you could say winter has officially left and we're all taking a vacation in Dorne to celebrate. 

I'll be the first to admit, I was a little infatuated with this trend with no name. When I relocated to the West Coast, I was immediately enraptured by the desert-chic interiors and minimalist, handcrafted linen caftans. If I could afford it, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd own a pair of Beatrice Valenzuela slides! And I love using Moon Juice's Brain Dust in my morning tea! 

But I'll be honest, as soon as the "Silver Lake Shaman" term was coined- I wanted to reject it. I was a little annoyed that something I liked was being made fun of. On the way to dinner the other night, I announced to my boyfriend in the car that I'm abandoning my current style and from now on I'm only wearing black. To which he replied, "...yeah okay, good luck with that in LA summer." Obviously, I was overreacting.

Once I came down from my Brain Dust fueled frustration, I realized that there is no such thing as a Silver Lake Shaman.... unless it's actually Father John Misty? (Here's his beef with Moon Juice over stealing a crystal.) Sure there are some eccentrics out here, but that goes without saying for any major metropolitan area! I personally believe this is a signal of a bigger movement of embracing light and feminine energy- and lord knows we need it in these times. These are makers, artists, and small business owners who are influenced by their surroundings and working hard to create a sense of community... and now a larger audience is taking notice. That's pretty cool.

Here's my rationale on adopting this trend: I have lived a life that has influenced every part of my self expression. I grew up in Houston and can't deny my nostalgia for a big ol' cowboy boot store. My 4 year stint in Chicago taught me the necessity of function in my fashion- and how to comfortably bike in 15 degree weather. My vacations, my work, my highs and lows have all contributed to how I express myself on the outside. Echo Park might be my newest nest, but it hasn't overwritten my own history. Nobody's personal style cannot be summed up in a few words.

You can enjoy a trend and still embrace your own aesthetic. Wear muslin jumpsuit and carry around those Noah's ark straw bags every day for all you want- as long as you feel confident and sexy and like the badass you are. 





I feel like my life always manages to organize itself into little color palettes, capsules, or mini mood boards. Sometimes it's planned (outfits, home decor) and other times it seems to happen organically with late night Pinterest dives or oddly themed thrift hauls. Maybe it's just a matter of noticing patterns and continuity that has always been there, but either way- I'm loving how it helps me stay creative! 

Each week, I'll be sharing a capsule of the images/colors/words that are inspiring me at the moment... so, scroll on down!

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How I Grew Up in 2016


 2016 was a tough one on a personal level. I changed jobs, friendships faded, people close to me passed away, I turned 30, I dealt with a lot of anxiety... but it wasn't ALL bad. In fact, with so much change, I really learned a lot about myself and came into my own. I started to view myself less as a confused 20-something just kinda winging it, and more as a grown ass 30 year old that is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.

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You got this!

I moved to Los Angeles in January 2015 in the middle of a Chicago winter, so in my mind, Southern California was sunny temperate paradise. I was riding on a high of what I thought L.A. life would be like and in a lot of ways, I was let down. It was hard. Not everyone was nice. I was going through a breakup and it felt like I just couldn't catch a break. I encountered shitty craigslist roommates (more than once), I got in a car accident, I wasn't making enough money, my dog got sick, family members passed away, etc. I faced setback after setback and my dreams of immediate success were completely squashed. I remember going to a friend's apartment (who was also freshly post break up) for a girl's night and was surrounded by a bunch of badass Texas women who had all been there before me. One of them (shout out to Tara Jayn!) gave me the best advice:

"It will take you at least a YEAR to get your head straight after moving."

I've ended up repeating this to fresh LA transplants a million times. I've repeated them to myself a million times. There is a damn good reason moving is included in the 5 most stressful experiences in life. It is a long drawn out process of being ripped out by the roots and replanting. Just ask any plants I've bought from Home Depot. Shit's TOUGH! (RIP like 5 succulents).

There is no timeline you "need" to be on when it comes to getting your shit together. The more patience you have with yourself the less frustrated you'll be when the next obstacle pops up, 'cause it probably will. When people ask you what you're working on, it is totally acceptable to say, "I'm figuring it out". People get it. If they don't get it, they're shitty people. It's also completely normal to redefine what success looks like to you. I turn 30 this year and my idea of success is COMPLETELY different than what it was at 28, or 22, or 10 years. 

Thanks to a whole bunch of self care and patience, I feel somewhat settled and I'm *pretty sure* my head is pointed in the right direction. That certainly isn't to say I always feel that way. I still question myself and have bad days and feel lost, but that's okay! 

I guess if you're going through a break up, a move, a job transition, a crisis, a loss (or all of them at once) the best advice I can impart is to give yourself time. I mean, you've already heard that. It's like the most unhelpful helpful advice ever-  but damn- it's so true.

The most tactical tip I can give for what worked for ME was finding a way to reconnect to myself by revisiting things I've enjoyed over the years- which happened to be playlists I made years ago, pictures I saved, stories I enjoyed. Saying what's up to "Past Hannah" reminds me that I somehow made it through that shitty year that one time so I can get through this now- so I'm 100% confident that you can too. To quote Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

You got this!

Here are a few things that remind me of the big transition that was 2015:




It's been a LONG time since I made the push to start a blog and I'm finally feeling the urge to rev this thing up. I don't think my posts will continue to be this long or introspective, but right now I've got a lot pent up, so here ya go!

Last night I came across a post about the Myers-Briggs personality test so I decided to take it for the first time... and WHOA it hit the nail on the head. It completely refocused me and made take a real look at the way I approach life. Why fight who I am? I just gotta keep playing to my strengths. In case you were curious, I am ENFP, which is: Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception.

Anyway, If you live under a rock like me and have never taken the test- I highly encourage you to. Read about your personality type and see if it sparks something for you!

I've been craving direction and, as silly as it sounds, taking that test was like being able to clear up the fog in my life. Cause y'all... my Saturn's return is in full effect and things are shakin' UP. Next week I'll be leaving my stable, familiar job and taking a jump into the (somewhat) unknown with higher stakes... all for the purpose of growth and development. I'm moving to a company that serves a demographic that I understand and hoping I'm able to help make a difference. I want to do my part in shaping a community for people to share what makes them feel beautiful (inside and out). 

This past week, I've had to really hunker down to work and search for inspiration.  I wanted to share a few bits of design, fashion, art and music that helped get my creative juices flowing recently. Maybe they'll do the same for you!